Official Floss like a boss shirt

Official Floss like a boss shirt

My daughter is 5 and instead of asking me to buy Floss like a boss shirt or anything on tv she asks me for the funny bee family videos. You guys are not only funny but educational. The other day she told me I look steamy lol, I dressed nicely, so I looked at her and I am like what? She was like I heard it from the bee family. We are GIVING AWAY a MUMMY AND I PAMPER Floss like a boss shirt for the best flossing Mother and Daughter duo. I love you guys and your videos, but why encourage flossing when it has no benefit as proven recently? A cursory search finds many articles from the last year that show it doesn’t do much. Don’t keep finding the floss lobby! Flossing is not important to mouth hygiene actually it does no change in mouth hygiene proved by scientific researchers.

Floss like a boss shirt, ladies shirt, hoodie and sweater

Official Floss like a boss Hoodie
Official Floss like a boss Sweater
Official Floss like a boss Ladies tee
Ladies tee
Official Floss like a boss Tank top
Tank top
Official Floss like a boss V-neck T-shirt
V-neck T-shirt

Floss like a boss shirt, tank top

All you need to do is post a short video in the comments to show off your Floss like a boss shirt. We’ll be drawing the winner in a few days . The video with the most likes wins ! Walking around my house singing “floss like a boss…floss like a mother father boss”.This was awesome! A great message too. Your teeth aren’t really clean until you’ve cleaned all four sides of your teeth and the tops! LET THE FLOSSING BEGIN! Hello from Italy! This song is so cool! I truly hope that kids will “floss like a boss” after hearing this song! You are such an amazing family! Omg, that was AMAZING! Now that’s stuck in my head lol! I’m going to go show my teenagers this video. You guys rock! Coming from a French dental student, your video is awesome! It is too bad my little patient don’t understand English

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