Funny Hose Bee Lion shirt

Funny Hose Bee Lion shirt

The shirt is a funny humor about Hose, Bee, and Lion. As a relief to the weary Funny Hose Bee Lion shirt suitable for mischief. Wear it, go to the park, and catch some pretty interesting stories. But I feel these wild animals have been imprisoned in a downhill zoo. They are confined in narrow cages, with little space for movement. When the zoo closed, the owner left the poor animals behind. They lay dying in hunger, surrounded by cold iron bars.

Funny Hose Bee Lion shirt, hoodie, v-neck t-shirt and tank top

Funny Hose Bee Lion Ladies tee
Ladies tee
Funny Hose Bee Lion Sweater
Funny Hose Bee Lion Guys tee
Guys tee
Funny Hose Bee Lion Hoodie

Official Funny Hose Bee Lion shirt, hoodie, v-neck t-shirt and tank top

You see the bee on Funny Hose Bee Lion shirt is not funny. So how do honey? Bee honey maker in the kite and its middle gut. All kinds of artificial hides, however pure, without the honey of the bees are not honey. A team of bee workers will fly to extract nectar, smoke when the kite will bring back to the nest. When the nectar is brought back to the nest, there will be a team of bee laborers who receive nectar from their hen and swallow it in their kites. The honeysuckle in the hive of honey bees are kneaded with 120 – 240 times, then they find honey bee holes drip into the hole. However, this type of bile has not reached maturity, because new training should contain more than 40-80% water. For complete honey, bees must perform the process of making honey, when the honey compared to only 18-20% of the new standard. So these men worked very hard to make honey. Let’s love every drop of bee honey.

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