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Grumpy Cat or a grumpy cat with a face that is always frowning. Is famous for its old age online at the Grumpy cat Rest In Peace shirt age of 7. The owner of the cat has confirmed this information. This strange-faced cat lives with its owner in Arizona and after being posted on the Internet, it has become a famous icon with a pervasive spread and is praised as “helping millions of people.” smile. ”Its nickname is Grumpy Cat, but the cat’s real name is Tardar Sauce, which has been popular since 2012.

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Its owner, Tabitha Bundesen, said the cat’s expressive face is in part. is due to a dwarf dwarf dwarfism, plus a lower jaw. With a unique face, Grumpy Cat cat has appeared on many media, television and even own films. It even has a wax statue and a private Instagram channel with more than 2 million followers. By 2018, Grumpy’s owner also pleaded a copyright lawsuit involving the cat and was paid up to $ 710,000. Bundesen used to be a waitress but eventually took a break thanks to her cat’s popularity.

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“Although it has been taken care of by our dear health professionals and families, Grumpy has not survived due to urinary tract infection. She died in peace on Tuesday morning, May 14, at her home and in her ‘mother’ arms, Tabatha. Internet residents must also be pity when they read the “immortal spirit of cats will live forever in the hearts of fans everywhere.”

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Grumpy Cat – Grumpy Cat was an emerging network phenomenon in September 2012, first appearing at the Reddit forum. Thanks to the appearance of always being uncomfortable, besides the Internet always likes cats, Grumpy Cat quickly became the focus … meme regime, reputation of flying far and away.

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