I am an immigrant shirt

I am an immigrant shirt

I am an immigrant is a scream in an immigrant like me, this I am an immigrant shirt also replaced the words. I am an immigrant. And I am also a human being, an American, a refugee. I want to talk about the mindset of the immigrant. With this I do not have to choose between these identities, despite the I insist that I do it. At the other end of this spectrum well-intentioned people who believe in “color blindness” – the only disease Americans would like to have – and argue that we are all human. At the other end are racists, believing that a nation should only be defined by exactly one color. No color or only one color! If you only get two options, remember that it’s just a trick. Even my three-year-old son understands this. When I asked him when he grew up wanted to Batman or fireman, he answered “Batman and fireman!” And why not? Last but not least, imagine a free America as it is now, even if it is not completely free now.

I am an immigrant shirt, hoodie, sweater, v-neck t-shirt and tank top

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I am an immigrant Hoodie
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I am an immigrant Sweater
I am an immigrant V-neck t-shirt
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Official I am an immigrant shirt

I am afraid people will distinguish me as an immigrant, fearing the upcoming policy of President Trump. ThisI am an immigrant shirt, if you wear it with me, will scare the immigrants like me less. Because this is what immigrants (and refugees and slaves) have done: in their struggle to find a place in this country, they have forced Americans to reread their Constitution, Recognizing that no one is only 3/5 of a human being, believe that the United States should not be whites only and not always right. So when Donald Trump said he wanted to build a wall to forbid the Mexicans, the Mexicans responded by smashing the piñata with his face on it. If we want to become great, we must create and re-create America, from time to time, an ideal job for immigrants. Their destiny is the fate of the United States. It’s time to remember Bulosan’s words on immigrants: “We are the mirror of the United States … If we fail, America will fail.” But who are we talking about in America, America?

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