I Love Mlindo shirt

I Love Mlindo shirt

Mlindo greeted his album by selling his shirt: I Love Mlindo shirt. Mlindo, My guy you have a great voice, I can not sing for shit but feel like you are keeping it in you and bit scared to flop.I was listening to some of your live perfomances on YouTube. Such a fresh sound! A beautiful repertoire of very soulful, jazzy, youthfully hip style – yet with a polished finesse and sage that usually comes with age. Even better, delivered in poetic vernacular backed by rhythmic tribal melodies and symphonic humming. You were yellow bone here and handsome. Now sunset heated you but still handsome I could write a book about yo voice just by listening to the amablesser on you. you are gifted..and I’m the biggest fan of Mlindo.

I Love Mlindo shirt, hoodie, sweater, v-neck t-shirt and tank top

I Love Mlindo Hoodie
I Love Mlindo Ladies tee
Ladies tee
I Love Mlindo Sweater
I Love Mlindo Guys tee
Guys tee

Official I Love Mlindo shirt


I like and proud to be a fan of Melinda. So I thought I Love Mlindo shirt This is really for me. And for those who love Mlindo. When you wear this Shirt will affirm how much love Mlindo. I do not really believe in the lies they will write. Because I feel like I’m kneeling but I just ask for something that is always right with me. Keeping the original and unique but most are not. Our fans and we love you slept with a broken broken n I woke up to my brother jamming to amablesser on speakers at 5 am I was so angry that the sound woke me up. usually I’d scold him for making such noise in the morning.

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