I’m A Lacrosse Coach shirt – Official 2018

I'm A Lacrosse Coach shirt - Official 2018
During our game last night an I’m A Lacrosse Coach shirt arose, the conditions were less than ideal. Being in Michigan, it was cold, some snowflakes/small ice pellets were coming down, most of our boys did say a word about the weather. I’m a lacrosse coach to save time let’s just assume that I’m never wrong.
Once the game started and, they got wearing. However, one of our boys was crying loudly, saying his hands were too cold, we encouraged him to participate, his teammates tried to comfort him and get him to wear. But, he agree to buy, we had a game to play and 18 other children to coach so, we went on coaching while he cried. Was this the best Coach shirt? Thanks in advance for any clothes.

 I’m A Lacrosse Coach shirt, tank top, and hoodie

I'm A Lacrosse Coach Tank top - Official 2018
Tank top
I'm A Lacrosse Coach Hoodie - Official 2018
I'm A Lacrosse Coach Sweater - Official 2018
I'm A Lacrosse Coach Ladies Tee - Official 2018
Ladies Tee

Grandson Ryson with lacrosse coaches. He was awarded the lacrosse stick last week for working the hardest in practice and showing it in the game! And he gets to keep the stick! Undefeated team has 23 players and only 7 games, so kinda cool!!!

Just dressed about the officials. Buy your shirt and understand that the game has grown and there is a shortage of experienced officials. Trust me, the experienced officials are saying the same about the excessive amount of inexperienced coaches.

Had weather cancellations as well no make-up because of officials If we fix I’m A Lacrosse Coach shirt – Official 2018, players/Coaches disrespecting them we will be in a world of hurt. Grow a great game if you can play.

Lacrosse coaches discovered players were running up to eight miles on the game day. One high school boys’ team also found out they were running more than five miles in practice.

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