I’m an August guy shirt

I'm an August guy shirt

Hey boys born in August, girls who own these guys. This I’m an August guy shirt for you, for your love. “I’m an August guy and I was born with my heart on my sleeve and I can not control”. The bush is what the bastards noticed in themselves. Experiencing it does not necessarily succeed, but if you give up will certainly fail. Live – be courageous confrontation! Do you realize that you are brave coping with difficulties? But what you need to control most is your mouth. If you want to be perfect, take good control of your words.

I’m an August guy shirt, hoodie, sweater, v-neck t-shirt and tank top


I'm an August guy Ladies tee
Ladies tee
I'm an August guy Sweater
I'm an August guy Guys tee
Guys tee
I'm an August guy Hoodie

You were born in August, as your destiny, we call you August, with heart on your sleeve, and I’m an August guy shirt in my soul. You are sunny in August, gentle, gentle but still enough to dry everything, including the heart of his girlfriend. Perhaps born in August, these guys are as seductive as jazz, with the sweet scent of magnolia. I’m sure that, the love of these guys is so lucky, this is the guy of the ceiling, the dust of the color of time. Please give him this shirt, as if to bind him to your life.

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