I’m Literally A Communist shirt

I'm Literally A Communist shirt

Well done Aaron. Just seeing that I’m Literally A Communist shirt on the BBC has made my week. Any enforced orthodoxy requires some form of violence, be that physical or otherwise. Arguably the orthodoxy which benefits most people is more moral, therefore enforcing communism is more justifiable than, for instance, capitalism. Although not all violence is equal. Fascism, for instance, is an ideology which advocates violence as a means to racial purity. Surely this is more abhorrent than violence which, say, liberates the worker.  If being a communist is supposedly indefensible because of the atrocities committed under ostensibly communist regimes, then being a capitalist should also be indefensible.

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I'm Literally A Communist shirt
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Official I’m Literally A Communist shirt

Because this will be a controversial issue so I’m literally A Communist shirt would create a trend. Look at the atrocities of capitalist regimes around the world – is Jo Coburn a supporter of the genocide in Chile just because she supports capitalism? True communism is a society that is able to function without Government, it is a concept that scares the crap out of capitalists.  Absolutely. Full communism will end capitalism and its ever-adjacent fascism permanently, that’s why the rich can’t tolerate it and throw so much at opposing its realization. You are playing with concepts you don’t understand and by doing so you entice chaos. Communism is a topical concept which can’t be applied to the intrinsic human behavior.

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