Lacrosse heartbeat shirt – Easy way to Buy – Official 2018

Lacrosse heartbeat shirt - Easy way to Buy - Official 2018

I want to shout out to my Lacrosse heartbeat shirt !! He finished his first year of college today with a 4.0 while playing Lacrosse. You wearing a great shirt! I see the wisdom and maturity shining through in such a short period of time and I’m so proud of you!

Anyone who knows this shirt knows how dressed the last year has been for her. Tonight was senior night for her Lacrosse team. It’s hard for me to comprehend that she is graduating from high school soon. Watching her on the field tonight made my heart beat with Lacrosse heartbeat shirt. She fought so hard to get there! We love you! 2018 Is your year Custom tees!!!!!

Lacrosse heartbeat shirt, tank top, and hoodie

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Lacrosse heartbeat Sweater - Easy way to Buy - Official 2018
Lacrosse heartbeat Ladies Tee - Easy way to Buy - Official 2018
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Lacrosse heartbeat Tank top - Easy way to Buy - Official 2018
Tank top
 For all my non-lacrosse Texas friends, this is what our boys played their whole lives. It’s hard to buy the clothing of this WIN. But Landon is a powerhouse with one of the most legendary High School coaches in lacrosse history.
Today I watched one of the best lacrosse games I have ever attended. The St. John’s College High School Cadets played their hearts out against the Landon Bears who started the season Ranked Number one in the COUNTRY

Official 2018 – Lacrosse heartbeat shirt

The Cadets held a commanding lead going into the second half (9-1) Correct me if I am off. Landon battled back into the last 2 minutes to get to 12 -10 and that was the final score. Great game to watch, both teams came to win and they all played well.

The boys have a great coaching staff and the best AD in my Lacrosse heartbeat shirt. Thanks for all you do to lead our sons on a path to greatness.

Two of our amazingly talented nephews are key players on this team! So proud of all of you!!!

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