Make America great shirts – Trump How to – Official 2018

Make America great shirt - Trump How to - Official 2018

Make America great shirts. Notice to all so-called Christians. How are you explain your support for Donald Trump to The Lord Jesus Christ?
Galatians 6:7
7 Be not deceived; God has not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

I love this guy! I’m not a product of my past, I’m a product of my choices! This guy nails it. Notice the “make America great again” hat as well!

My suggestion – Make America great shirts and put it inside the Great America theme park. Then Obama would be helping Trump make America great again!!

Make America great shirts, hoodie, and sweater – 2018 official

Make America great Hoodie - Trump How to - Official 2018
Make America great Sweater - Trump How to - Official 2018
Make America great Ladies Tee - Trump How to - Official 2018
Ladies Tee
Make America great V-neck - Trump How to - Official 2018

The USA!’
And, of course, ‘Make America Great Again’.
The specious chants of American exceptionalism which now ring hollow in our Trumpfied world.

I have a classmate from Bowdoin – smart, hugely overweight, very self-satisfied when it comes to his belief that he is right. Who was one of the architects of George W Bush’s first term economic plans?

We all know the trajectory of that story. I astonished that, after the economic mess of the first Bush White House – which Clinton spent years mopping up – and the subsequent downward spin of W’s economic program – which Obama spent many years straightening out – That anyone could consider the Republicans to be the party of fiscal responsibility.

We now have a President who thinks himself a king and who is pointing to all the economic successes of the Obama Years and claiming them as his own. Even a banker I know in New York told me, after a brief stock market surge, that Trump was an economic genius:

Make America #1 Again custom t-shirt

“Trust me there will be two more good years of economic news and then everything will begin to fall apart again.”

In the meantime, the erosion of social progress will be immense. The Make America great shirts decision allowing a homophobic baker the right to refuse a gay couple a wedding cake on the grounds of his Christian beliefs… This is just the beginning of a right-wing trajectory which is determined to ban abortion and make contraception very hard to come by.

I think we are heading for a desperate precipice very soon. The end of pluralism and secularism and progressivism in the United States. I hope my pessimism isn’t realized – but this is a bad moment in our collective history.

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