Mona Lisa Lollipop Lips shirt

Mona Lisa Lollipop Lips shirt

My Lip Gloss Lipgloss.Me and all my sick thots. I Love this shirt Mona Lisa Lollipop Lips shirt I get ME pissed off I’m really hot and really pretty in into licking lollypops ill their sticky I can make em say brittle ima celebrity. Wearing my new Mona Lisa shirt is nice. I’ve thought of my sweet sister Lisa Wilson all day! Of course my sister Lisa is WAY prettier than Mona. Leaving us with yo makeups on our shirts doesn’t scare us anymore…we’ve gone with lipstick on our lips, But we still lie it’s lollipop or color festival. What a lovely child who obviously brought up by spectacular parenting! The future of our planet needs more young ones like this! Bless this family!

Mona Lisa Lollipop Lips shirt, hoodie, sweater, v-neck t-shirt and tank top

Mona Lisa Lollipop Lips Hoodie
Mona Lisa Lollipop Lips V-neck t-shirt
V-neck t-shirt
Mona Lisa Lollipop Lips Guys tee
Guys tee
Mona Lisa Lollipop Lips Sweater
Mona Lisa Lollipop Lips Ladies tee
Ladies tee
 Hey Koolaid! It “supposed to look like you finished a huge lollipop”. It looks like you’ve had a Mona Lisa Lollipop Lips shirt and something else in your mouth. Makes me sick! Reminds me of something I’ve seen on the show “Criminal Minds”. What sick person came up with this, as a woman I would never allow such degradation.No, nope …why is the sloppy look something people like? We have athletic wear as business casual, pajamas as everyday wear, messy hair as a style, nails have done like food and now a sloppy lipstick look. Put those all together and it like you just rolled out of bed and went for groceries!!!

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