NASIR Kanye West shirt

NASIR Kanye West shirt

We can say a lot of things about Kanye West, but no one can say he isn’t working. This NASIR Kanye West shirt is designed for this album. After a 6-year hiatus, Nas’ 12th studio album FINALLY hit the waves. Making it the 4th installment of the weekly Kanye-produced projects. If you were to compile a list of rapper’s to lyrically speak on social issues and injustices, Nas would seemingly make top five. His astronomical ability to paint vivid pictures in a song or verse stands alone.

NASIR Kanye West shirt, hoodie, sweater, v-neck t-shirt and tank top

NASIR Kanye West Guys tee
Guys tee
NASIR Kanye West Guys tee (back)
Guys tee (back)
NASIR Kanye West Ladies tee
Ladies tee
NASIR Kanye West Ladies tee (back)
Ladies tee (back)
NASIR Kanye West Sweater
NASIR Kanye West Sweater (back)
Sweater (back)
NASIR Kanye West Hoodie
NASIR Kanye West Hoodie (back)
Hoodie (back)

Cops Shot the NASIR Kanye West shirt and his kid delivers a poignant message addressing the countless killings of unarmed black faces around America. Kanye and Mike Dean manufactured an effective loop sample of a line from Slick Rick’s “Bedtime Story” to set the tone for the record. My only rebuttal emerges with Kanye’s direction. Although I applaud any effort to protest racial injustices, I’m not sure how genuine Kanye’s contributions are. How convenient is it to throw bars about killer cops on this record when the week before last he explained how MAGA hats could possibly offer a slide while driving black. Am I trippin’?

Official released NASIR Kanye West shirt

Whatmore can you expect from a 44-year-old, Queensbridge rap legend? This NASIR Kanye West shirt screams contentment. He always considered lyrically sound. Yes, Kanye and Mike Dean brought a new wave of production to the seasoned veteran. But did it add any spruce to his signature cadence? A Nas fan will tell you how unbalanced his sound is on the modern ‘trap’ drum – or spell out the weird dynamics he’s shared with ‘trap’ artists he’s worked with these past few years. If anything, his flow is pristine and consistent. Nas, however, hasn’t proven he can evolve—hasn’t displayed another level or dimension of artistry. That’s my biggest gripe about this record.

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