Nuka Cola parody choke shirt

Nuka Cola parody choke shirt
Have you ever heard of Nuka Cola? This Nuka Cola parody choke shirt is pictured in that brand. If you play through any Fallout version, you probably have at least once caught the Nuka Cola drink – the fictional version of Coca-Cola in the post-apocalyptic world. But most importantly, Nuka Cola Quantum bottles emit a light blue color that is attractive. For fallout fans of Fallout, the bottle caps are always something they value and keep. The reason is simple, in a postwar world after the nuclear war, the dollar does not seem to have any value, and people are forced to use the Nuka Cola bottle caps (a drink in the game ) to make currency.

Nuka Cola parody choke shirt, hoodie, sweater, v-neck t-shirt and tank top

Nuka Cola parody choke Guys tee
Guys tee
Nuka Cola parody choke Hoodie
Nuka Cola parody choke Sweater
Nuka Cola parody choke Ladies tee
Ladies tee
And there is a very funny story about this cap Nuka-Cola. There is a Nuka Cola parody choke shirt, playing Fallout, wearing a T-shirt with a logo of this brand. has expressed “ambition” to buy a game Fallout 4 with … the bottle cap that he kept for many years. By believing that the bottle cap replaced the currency, he collected nearly five pounds of the bottle. Although there is no official answer according to everyone, though the bottle cap Nuka Cola is worthless, but love with the game has made the guy do something that no one else can do: Hold the Glass bottle for nearly 8 years.

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