Official Beatles Yoda shirt: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

Official Beatles Yoda shirt

OK. This Official Beatles Yoda shirt is for all of you (whippersnappers) who assert that I merely hate the Star Wars prequel films because I’m trying to recreate the fond experience of my childhood, allow me to tell you why you are (embarrassingly) wrong.


Star Wars was awesome. Then…starting in 1999…Stars Wars became a hideous accident that we could only watch, helplessly, from a safe distance. But the brand is not beyond repair. This patient can still be revived. (“We can design Official Beatles Yoda shirt. We have the technology.” -another marker of my youth)

Official Beatles Yoda shirt: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

Official Beatles Yoda V neck
V neck
Official Beatles Yoda Ladies Tee
Ladies Tee

I think the difference with “Beatles Yoda all you need is love shirt” is that JJ Abrams is a storyteller with a feel for narrative and characters. Lucas lost it long ago (remember that he only directed the first Star Wars. “Empire” and “Jedi” were in the directorial hands of others, and Lucas served as producer). Like the Death Star explosion, Lucas began his career with a huge bang…and then faded into wisps, leaving little behind. (Score me 100 points for an awkward metaphor.)

I’m in agreement with those who assert that George became a victim of his own success, essentially isolating himself from criticism and, as a result, not getting benefit from a collaborative process. He turned into a director hermit, disconnected from his audience…and even the characters he helped to create. He became a special effects guy, a technical guy, a man who could composite the hell out of an action sequence without understanding how to make it meaningful and exciting. His young Anakin was a pouty bore. His love story with Senator/Princess Tease McPortman felt as developed, passionate and interesting as a pop-up ad. Yoda quotes: all you need is love Yoda quote. His Jedi were almost as impotent as the friggin’ battle droids. And he inflicted upon millions…space taxes. Yoda quotes

Remember that Lucas is the same person who jacked up the original Star Wars films with clunky digital FX and ridiculous re-edits, and then REFUSED TO MAKE THE BELOVED ORIGINALS AVAILABLE TO FANS.

He is John, he is The Beatles. This is my factor X of my star wars Yoda shirts.

Official Beatles Yoda Hoodie and sweater

Official Beatles Yoda Sweater
Official Beatles Yoda Hoodie

I don’t dislike the prequels because I’m older. I dislike the prequels because they were empty, false-sounding FX showcases that attempted to compensate for crap casting and hideous screenwriting by flashing a squillion lightsaber beams at the viewer. They had no heart. This design all you need is love Yoda Beatle was mixed by the Beatles and Star wars Yoda. And in that sense, they’re a betrayal of the tremendously effective films that set the Star Wars phenomenon in motion. They were like a bad, bad, bad video game. They are the “E.T” of film.

Abrams knows how to treat beloved characters (see Star Trek? Awesome.). Abrams knows how to make Official Beatles Yoda shirt-driven action feel palpable and real. And Abrams brings real genius to a franchise that needs a next-level touch.

December is coming…and I just feel like I’m in good hands.

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