Part Wolf shirt

Part Wolf shirt
Wolf looks like my dog, she’s part wolf. No. Should Not. Be. Put. Down. This Part Wolf shirt Beautiful. My face after driving down Carson Street during rush hour (which is pretty much any time now that the downtown redesign is finished). He or she what a wonderful dog you got there. Just a friendly reminder that misrepresentation kills. Please do not misrepresent your dog as a wolfdog. Just because someone says it’s a wolfdog does not mean it is. Never say your dog is part wolf unless you have done a DNA test or an expert has confirmed it. I am often asked if my baby is a wolf. We do historical re-enactments & often take our furbabies with us, A boy about 12 years old asked once if he could pick up our “wolf pelt”.

Part Wolf shirt, hoodie, sweater, v-neck t-shirt and tank top

Part Wolf Ladies tee
Ladies tee
Part Wolf Sweater
Part Wolf Hoodie
Part Wolf Guys tee
Guys tee
Part Wolf Tank top
Tank top
Do your research, learn the difference, learn the Part Wolf shirt. “wolfdogs” are illegal in many states and result in confiscation and possibly death of your dog. This is my son Apollo, who happens to actually be half wolf. His fur on his back is exactly like the fur of a wolf, he was given to me by a dog sledder who lives on an island up north and has half wolves for sled dogs. Apollo has some wild to him. Anyone that meets him, a groomer, or vets have no doubt in their mind he’s half wolf. He will always have that wildness wolf to him, as we were warned by the man who gave him to us. But we proved him wrong in a lot of things he said Apollo wouldn’t be able to do like a normal pet or dog.

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