Pink Floyd the Barber shirt

Pink Floyd the Barber shirt

Everyone remembers Floyd the Barber. And if you do not, you should buy yourself Pink Floyd the Barber shirt. On October 3, 1960, television viewers were introduced to the fictional small town of Mayberry, North Carolina – home to a number of lovely characters on a new CBS comedy, The Andy Griffith Show. Most prominent of these characters the hothead town hairdresser Floyd Lawson, played by actor Howard McNear. Mayberry’s men will gather at Floyd’s Barber Shop to play chess and share a few laughs while waiting for their hairstyles. Floyd is very odd and perfectly suited to the leisurely pace of life in Mayberry.

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Official Pink Floyd the Barber shirt

This is a design that is causing fever, so you should not miss Pink Floyd the Barber shirt. His biggest ambition is to one day add a second barber shop to his little shop. “Convicts at Large” considered to Floyd’s most popular focus on Griffith. Unfortunately, it almost became his last appearance as well. In December 1962, McNear suffered a major stroke which severely weakened him. It affected his left shoulder, most of his left arm, and both his legs. He was lucky to survive, but his acting career seems to have ended. Losing Howard McNear was a huge blow to the film.

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