Rockin the NANA life shirt

Rockin the NANA life shirt

We are not our grandma’s grandma. Show the world you are one hip,rockin‘ nana! Rockin the NANA life shirt for Grandmother’s day coming up. Seamas “rocking” his Tommy Hilfiger shirt and shorts. Perfectly “coiffed.”  I received this rockin’ T-shirt from a wonderful fan. Thank you, Sally Woods, from Norfolk, England! I love it!! My sister sent me this rockin‘ t-shirt for my birthday. I will wear it all the time!!  How are you rockin’ your floral shirt? Don’t forget to tag us in your photos!

Rockin the NANA life Shirt, Hoodie, Sweatshirt, and Tank top

Rockin the NANA life Tank top
Tank top
Rockin the NANA life Ladies tee
Ladies tee
Rockin the NANA life sweat shirt
Sweat shirt
Rockin the NANA life Hoodie

Rockin‘ the KMET shirt in 1981 at 12 years old, while playing Atari 2600. Holding my youngest son at 49 years old. Graduated Chatsworth HS in ’87. Rockin my shirt. So proud of all you getting buzzed to fuzz today. Lovely day for the event.  Little cutie, Rockin the NANA life shirt So cute he sings this line loud & proud!!! Keep on rockin‘ with this sexy cropped style long t-shirt. Click the link below and order one now. “Rockin’ the sports mom life”. I love my “sports” shirt! I wore it in season and now! Mine is heather black with white glitter vinyl Colors can be customized.

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